Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Poetry Reflection

I don't believe I have ever taken the opportunity to write poetry in a different manner other than attempts to rhyme words or replace them with more charged or vivid words.  For this exercise, I had a few thought in my mind a few days before, but when it got down to write the poems, I did everything backwards.  I grabbed several different blank pages and drew various images and a few keywords of what I wanted to write about.  Then I simply looked at the pages and began to organize my thoughts, line by line.  I enjoyed this because, it feels as if the poem wrote itself.  I had a few ideas with organization and other significant points I wanted to include, drew them or wrote in the words, and every thing else fell into place.  If I do have a class of my own someday, I would like them to attempt to write poetry in this manner first, just to learn of different methods of inspiration.  

About my first piece, I realized I talked about the second in a comment reply, so I won't repeat myself and avoid redundancy.  

My first piece is about having two chose between a family life and the life of a revolutionary.  The poem is also structured to represent the founding of America by the 13 stanza lines, in connection with the 13 colonies which rebelled against England, depicted on the US flag.  In the poem itself there is also the reference to red, white and blue colors.  Each specific path was strewn with items representing each lifestyle.  Red brick, white picket fence, Dandelions, to represent the family home life and American dream.  Manuscripts, concrete and iron to represent activists who are politically charged by propaganda, only to eventually be incarcerated and secluded from society.  The twice demise in the second path refers to an emotional death which is also found in the first path, as each traveler laments what their life could have been; the second being the death of their ancestry.  Since the first path, leads to raising a family, thereby ensuring a bloodline.  

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