Saturday, February 16, 2013

Week 3 - In Class Assignment

Word Pairs of Alliteration
                Symphony sweet
                Dover delicately delivered the dishes
                Magically majestic
                Boo Boo the Bear
                Yogi yelled at the young yellow bird
                Red ribbons rant of revolution
                Six sickly serpents
                Boarding the boat
                The Haunted hall was hilarious
                Niche never reach the age of nine

Word Pairs of Assonance
                Open ocean
                Remember November
                The car is far
                A mild tempered child
                Various vacancies
                Ill cultured vulture
                Romance never had a chance
                The hall in the mall
                Was in debate at the age of eight
                Discuss the major fuss

Birth                      as a seed pushing through to reach the sunlight
Death                    Death withered the flower until the wind took the dust away
Graduation         an expensively braided noose                                  
Success                success shined as a luminous star
Failure                  the failure of the day darkened the light
Marriage              Joined together as the sands and the water
Divorce                 irreconcilable differences as the moon and the sun
Rebellion             pushed past the dam of oppression

I’m headed off to
The candy store for more
I’m headed off to
The candy store for more

I tell mom I can’t sleep, she’s snoring
Sneak through her purse for some change

Have my tricycle and sneakers
And all seven of my toy planes
Candy on my brain
Here comes mom, angry
I want more!

I don’t want those crayons, ma
I don’t want those crayons, gimme twizzlers and ‘smores

I’m headed off to
the candy store for more
Ma, I’m headed off to
the candy store for more
No, I don’t want any pickles
Keep your lemons and limes
Ok, yes I’m only seven
But momma I have to get mine!

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