Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekly Reflection

Good evening,
In preparation for my group’s upcoming presentation I was able to read through a chapter of Trickster myths; which although I usually love the genre, I am somewhat confused about the Native American subgenre.  Particularly the story which we will focus on, “How the Coyote Placed the Stars,” left me with more questions than what I would like to admit to.  When I think of the Trickster, although I can visualize literary and film archetypes, I see them more overt, with callus, and  some signs of a wicked soul; if not the character would be lecherous but yet good at heart and not necessarily go through transformation.  I can picture the Joker, Fight Club, Ocean’s Eleven, Rue from the Hunger Games, The Music Man, characters that are so much so purposely and overtly dishonest.  However I am having trouble with the Coyote in our short story.  If anything he seems to have unplanned the entire event leading up to the end.  Perhaps this is part of the web spun by the Trickster in this story, but I am simply having a hard time with my interpretation.  The Coyote in the selection seemed to be a part of the family of wolves, and in fact had more to lose if he did anything against them to cause them hard, so why did he decide to leave them behind?  This may just be a good concluding question for presentation. 

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