Saturday, February 16, 2013

Week 3 - Reflection

I must admit the third part of the in-class activity was very fun.  in my first semester of student teaching, I gave a few of these assignment throughout the semester and the students loved them, it kept them engaged, it kept them interested, it kept them happy, but I myself never completed one, and it was quite enjoyable.  Given the particular environment, this kind of assignment can be included at any level of education.  The first two parts of the assignment I have to admit, was rather difficult, but it did help in driving the knowledge in for overall long term retention, or at the very minimum it just ensure additional practice.  

After reading some of the drafts from my classmates, I am left a little disheartened, I am not the best student when it comes to interpreting, arguing, debating explications of poetry.  I can go through the formal functions of breaking apart a poem and looking at all the proper and more formal portions thereof, but I simply detest the act of doing so.  I find it almost repulsive, as the very act of doing so eliminates the beauty and for me, rids the enjoyment and pleasure of reading a poem.  While I know, and understand fully that these elements are necessary, I simple find it highly unpleasant, and if in fact I do have the privilege to teach at the secondary level, I only hope my students will not realize that I do not like that aspect of teaching poetry.  They are to discover their own pleases and disdain or literary works without undue and improper influence.  But of course, positive assistance always helps.  

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