Saturday, February 16, 2013

Week 2 Reflection.....late

I have finally figured out how to post...a new post. 
This late reflection primarily focuses on my experience with the Deutsch book, which to be quite honest only reinforces my distaste for picking apart and analyzing poetry.  For some time, although I enjoy poetry, and I do enjoy seeking further understanding and interpretations from conversations in class, I do not like and rather almost detest picking apart scheme, structure, and the more formal elements that seem to take away from the enjoyment of the work.  Now, I understand this is my academic opinion of course, and speak only for myself, but many of the more formal elements simply break down a poem into aspects that, for me, take away a more open reading of poetry, allowing it to be interpreted different as many will interpret works in their own way. 

Of the many different   terms in Deutsch’s book, I only know a handful out of the entire alphabetized compilation of different literary terms.  It was quite aggravating.  How does Deutsch, or any other academically designated individual, know what the intent of the author was, or rather each and every interpreted intention by the author.  Why is it that each poem ever created must have a label as to structure or rhyme meter, what is the obsession as a society that everything must be labeled and every single work must fit into a specific box of style or time.  I wonder if there ever was an author, artist, or poet, who said “no, I am not a post-modern, just because I was born in this decade and someone perceived  what they believe as a contemporary and classified sense of style, does not mean I belong in that classification.”  I know I would.  

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