Saturday, February 23, 2013

Playing with Poetry

The first of these pieces took me more time than it should have, while the second should have perhaps consumed some more.  In all, this was an enjoyable exercise.

Rebellion and Residence

Two paths diverged into redwood
The traveler considered each
Divined as best a mortal could
And sought to see beyond reach

Each path led to a certain death
One paved with tranquil brick
Dandelion, and white fence

The other twice over demise
Paved with concrete, iron
Blue manuscript, free yet confined

One path grows the noble tree, Chose by those unmarked by time
The other path chose by those of equal esteem
Unmarked, or recorded under rebellious infamy 

Poisoned Rebuttal

me like you steal for them
up against giants monsters
at me plague why       
does this to them


  1. I really like the first poem. I know it's inspired by that poem with the same format but I think it's a nice twist to it.

    I'm still scratching my head at the second poem. I suppose it has something to do with its title, but I cannot piece it together. :/

  2. Good evening Bree! Thank you, I appreciate you taking the time. I really enjoyed the first one, the second was rather hard since really wanted to do something different but it got very difficult. The second is based off of E.E. Cummings "Me Up At Does," which is a very simple, broken English poem, which is a poisoned mouse questioning the human as to why he was poisoned, if the human would do the very same thing. I wanted to try to continue that broken conversation in that same style, and my tie to the original was in the first words of each line. Maybe I'll refine it a bit and put away somewhere nice, maybe call myself a poet of habit. =)