Sunday, March 10, 2013

Save the Goddess

Good evening mates!
So tomorrow is designated for class presentations, I looked over the stories once again, and I can’t wait for one in particular, “Kali Beheaded.”  There are of course the other stories, context and interpretations I look forward to, but this story in particular fascinates me, particularly the ending.  In the last few lines the story seems to wind down in that the morality behind it suggests that all people of every background have similar struggles.  Each person is good and bad and subject to the same passions, decisions and trials that make us human to begin with, and everyone is subject suffrage of the very mistakes we make based on our decisions.  But even though the ending seems to wind down to end with this moral story, it seems to hang on the very ending and leaves it open to interpretation.  Stories of this nature may be powerful and impacting and may be meant to continue thought after the initial read, but I really wanted to have some finality from this story.  I hope that tomorrow’s focus on the reading will help and illuminate some understanding and finality, particularly since I feel for Kali as a victim of circumstance as opposed to suffering form her decisions.  I wonder if there are any ties to be made to Jesus Christ or Christianity.  Or again perhaps I am stretching the interpretations made; or rather making too many connections that may not necessarily have foundation.  I look forward to tomorrow.  

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