Saturday, March 16, 2013

Presentation Reflection

I had the pleasure to be one of the first groups to present this last Monday.  I say pleasure because when we do have our own classes, whether it’s a class of 30 fifteen year olds or five year olds, it can play on one’s nerves.  Essentially there will be different problems whenever anyone presents to a group of people, fundamentally the anxiety of the speaker.  Personally, I like to talk in front of people, it certainly gives me a rush, and to be honest, I like the attention; depending on the topic I feed off it.  However, I do get nervous, each and every time, and it only seems to happen only a few minutes before. 

This time it was very interesting however, many of the courses leading up to culmination always drill in the various points one needs during a lesson.  Check for understanding, wrap up, “work the room,” energy in voice, etc.  Looking back I made a few mistakes, simply because my audience is not middle or high school, some of those points still remain.  During my portion of the presentation, the Professor interjected and asked a few questions based on some of the picture and information I was providing, which is something I should have done and should have included.  You don’t just tell the student or provide information, anyone can do that, a regular teacher does that; the exceptional educator will show, tell, and allow the student to engage, interact and make their own connections.  For example, Professor asked “what does that tell you about their family bonds, if all of them live in big houses like that?”  This was a gentle reminder to me, the audience should not matter, all these fundamental rules should always be kept in mind when presenting. 

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  1. Antony,
    First, I want to say thank you for being in my group, I personally think you did an amazing job! I'm glad you are a person that likes to talk in front of people because it made our presentation that much better. I think the fact that Professor Wexler started asking questions was a huge positive on our parts due to the fact that he showed that he was interested in what we were talking about! I'm glad we had the Trickster Myths, to me, they're still the best myths out there. Wouldn't you agree?! Once again, thank you for being in my group and thank you for the confidence you gave off while presenting! Happy Sunday!