Wednesday, May 1, 2013

There are 710 Good Reasons...

Last week’s readings brought several images to mind, one of which I remember clearly, I believe I first saw it while I was either in high school or just beginning college.  I cannot quite recall or be certain, but I will never forget the way I engaged with it, the way it made me think and feel.

Interstingly enough, as I compose these words Bob Dylan is playing in the background, he who drafted the first lyrics of "Maggie's Farm."  

The readings recalled this image becuase of the various references to Marx, Capitalism, and the financialization of everyday spaces.  It also brought other words to mind, such as 1984 and The Matrix, each of which call out of the subconciouness and implore recognition and then some element of change in the socio-economic-political structures that control and perpetuate systems of control.  

I find it difficult to even write about these ideas becuase then people automatically begin to dismiss and they stop reading or listening.  That is, "you hear me but you're not listening."  Or rather in other words, I look like this guy...

Standing on the corner screaming "the government isn't getting in my head!"  But it is usually the case, speak of control, and the government's secret agenda and somehow readers and audiences begin to associate you with the individual above.  

Regardless, one pursing a career in education seems to know this, essentially each of us are at the head of the class wearing aluminum foil on our heads, warning our students how the need education to further develop reason to obtain finanical security and fight those that would attempt to control society and by extention their own lives.  The problem is, we aren't crazy, and so we are very well aware that sometimes, our audience will simply refuse to listen. 

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